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Athletes Pack

Enjoy the full AMPED range which supports you before, during and after training. IsaLean Shakes help ensure you’re getting maximum nutrition into your day, without any extra meal prep!

  • AMPED™ Nitro our pre-workout supplement, gives you the energy to push harder and go further.
  • AMPED™ Hydrate provides electrolytes that can be lost during exercise to help keep you hydrated.
  • AMPED™ Post-Workout contains targeted ingredients to help you recover after a hard workout.
  • IsaLean™ Shake is a healthy balanced meal, with 24g of protein. It’s the perfect way to add maximum nutrition into your day.
  • IsaShaker to enjoy your shakes on the go.

What’s in your pack?

AMPED™ Nitro

An ultimate blend of targeted ingredients to help increase power, strength and speed.

AMPED™ Hydrate

This blend of electrolytes, B-vitamins and vitamin C can help support proper hydration when you’re in the gym.

AMPED™ Post-Workout

Designed to boost muscle-recovery and ease exercise-related soreness.

IsaLean™ Shake

In every serving you’ll find 24g of undenatured protein, 8g fibre, 6g of fat (the healthy kind) and 23 different vitamins and minerals.



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