Whey Thins™

Whey Thins™ and Harvest Thins™

Your new alternative to crisps! We think you should never have to choose between being healthy and having delicious food, so we created these savoury snacks bursting with flavour, which pack 10-11g of protein in just 100 calories! Whey Thins are made with whey protein, and Harvest Thins are made using pea protein, so there’s something for everyone.

  • 100 calories per pack
  • 10-11g of protein
  • Cleanse Day approved
  • Gluten free
  • Thai Sweet Chilli or Cheddar flavour
  • Harvest Thins are perfect for plant-based diets

100 calories

It’s easy to consume more calories than you need when you’re not snacking smart, so we created these to come in individually packed 100 calorie servings so you can be snack savvy

10g Protein

As well as having fewer calories and less fat than regular crisps, being higher in protein will help to keep you feeling full until your next meal

Cleanse Days

You can still snack while fasting! Enjoy one bag on your Cleanse Days to help give you energy – we like to split the bag into two portions and have them throughout the day

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